What People Are Saying

“Kirsten has a way with people — she earns their trust and in doing so, captures their character, and that is what makes the real difference. She is a pleasure to work with and a pleasure to be around, and that translates in her photography.”
Julie Sutter, The Music District, SpokesBUZZ
“Kirsten was hired by the festival producer to photograph The Ride Festival  2014 in Telluride, Colorado. She was excellent with the artists on the lineup and gave us some great shots to promote the festival.”
Helen Anda, Publicist at LiveLoud
“Kirsten is so talented! This is a woman with a beautiful, creative, eye, so much passion and positivity. She is supportive and excited about the people, places, and bands she shoots, and  I am  lucky enough to have my band photographed by Kirsten on a regular basis,. She is a photographer on the rise so work with her while she’s still here!”
Monica Whittington, Monocle
“It’s always a pleasure to have Kirsten shoot our shows! She captures movement in a way that enables you to feel the energy of a show just by looking at her photos. I’m also impressed with how much praise I receive from artist teams–of both Kirsten’s work and of her professionalism.”
Christian Hee, Marketing Manager | Z2 Entertainment Fox Theatre | Boulder Theater
“We really enjoyed working with Kirsten! She did both of my daughter’s senior portraits. She is so professional, and always made my girls  feel comfortable and relaxed.  They were fun photo shoots and I had such a hard time picking out my favorites!”
Holly Tignor
“I love the depth in Kirsten’s photography. I’ve had her shoot 3 of my artists and they all love her work. You can feel her passion for music through her lens as she captures pure moments of the bliss, pain, and spirit that artists bring into this world for us to share.”
Phil Einsohn, 7S Management
“Working with Kirsten is like hanging out with a friend–organic, natural, relaxed and special. And she produces photos that are vibrant and alive! They are my son’s go-to images.”
Ce Ce Bloomfield, Fairview High School parent
“Kirsten is just as lovely to work with as the imagery she produces.  Clearly as passionate about her work, as the subject matter in front of the lens.  I feel fortunate to have Kirsten as a resource for DWP Guitars, and I get endless compliments on the DWP Guitars website photography www.dwpguitars.com/  .   My guitars (as well as myself), have never looked better since Kirsten Cohen Photography came into the picture (no pun intended).”
Darrell Plampin, DWP Guitars
“Kirsten Cohen’s work is astounding aesthetically in a way that would be enough on it’s own to set it apart. She brings so much more than just that, though. Her real super power is in her ability to connect with the message of the subject through photography. She doesn’t just show them in their best light. She shows their deepest, most authentic vision through a photograph of them. She captures the values, the tone and the heart of the people she photographs. She captures subjects not just in how they want to be seen but in who they want to be. It’s the difference between a photograph that is “a really great picture of her” and “a really great picture that IS her.” Kirsten’s photography is breathtaking. Truly.”