Kirsten Cohen Photography July 18th, 2020

I am doing my small part though this photo series to bring awareness to our local music scene in Colorado- the artists, the venues, and trying to support them with whatever I can do to let people know they are here, and are continuing to create. Shout out to Abby and Maya for their lighting assist!

This week’s blog post covers The Velveteers – a young Boulder band that has won awards and toured internationally in their careers thus far. They joined me in front of the iconic Boulder Theater and talked about what they have been up to during these crazy times.

This week, I’m also including information on the newly created fundraising efforts to help our most loved music venues here in Boulder. As a house photographer at both venues, I’ve experienced some truly amazing shows in both of these intimate rooms. The Boulder Theater and Fox Theatre miss live music and they miss YOU! Please consider supporting your local music scene by contributing to their recovery funds. Every little bit goes towards helping ensure these Colorado staples are able to reopen safely, when the time comes.

Contribute to the Boulder Theater Recovery Fund:

Contribute to the Fox Recovery Fund:

Read below for some excerpts of my chat with Demi and Adrian from the band.

Kirsten: What have been the pros/cons of being musicians and a touring band during the pandemic?

Demi: I think one of the pros of being a musician during the pandemic has been being home more (which for a musician can be a rare occurrence). Its been cool to have more time to dive into other creative aspects like songwriting. When you are busy on tour, sitting down and writing can become really hard. Of course the cons have been that live shows haven’t existed, there is definitely a void since live shows stopped. I miss the sweaty, rowdy mosh pits!

Adrian: We’re excited to play some shows where there are people actually there with us in the flesh, live streaming has not been the same on either end. When you are at a live show, that experience is sort of a secret between the performer and the audience. What’s happening in those moments isn’t gonna last forever and the only people who will properly remember it as it was are the people who were there in that space and time with you. A live show is truly alive, it’s like a combined consciousness. Everyone’s energy is contributing to the overall energy of the show. It’s not really like that over the internet, live streams are two dimensional and contained within their obvious limitations and those limitations prevent that genuine personal connection of which is so important to live music. A good live show is about so much more than just music.

The Velveteers – Upcoming Shows:

July 21st- Drive n jive- The Holiday Twin- Fort Collins
August 8th- Larimer Lounge- Early show- Denver
August 8th- Larimer Lounge- Late Show- Denver