Kirsten Cohen Photography September 12th, 2020

The latest installment in this blog series features my good friend Josh Skelton. Josh has been a mainstay in the Denver music scene in numerous roles – and recently, he’s recorded his very first solo album. Read some excerpts below from our chat during this photo shoot, and find out about his new project. I’m so inspired by my fellow creative friends making the most of  this time to continue to create what is meaningful to them, and Josh is no exception. I can’t wait to hear his new music!

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Excerpts from my chat with Josh:

K: What have you been doing during these past few months?

J: Working on my solo record and working on myself, which has sort of been one in the same process. I’ve changed a lot during this time period and the evolution of the record reflects that. The songs are different than they were months ago and there’s a progression of change within them too.

K: Have there been any silver linings or specific challenges for you as a musician during the past few months?

J: Absolutely there have been. First, the time and creative bandwidth to focus on my solo record has been such a gift. All of my energy, especially at first, was directing solely to my own project. I’ve never had that before because I’ve made my living helping others with their projects. Not having that work has also been a challenge in its own way too, but I was already thinking through that going into quarantine anyway. I got a headstart on having to think about that.

Learn more about Josh (including his current road trip!) here: